Postpartum Pain and Swelling Relief - Skip the DIY Padsicle Recipe

By Frida Mom 

No Mom Hacking Required for this instant cold therapy 

When you’re recovering from childbirth, you want easy. You want foolproof. And you want ready-to-use without having to lift a finger. One of the favorite must-haves on the postpartum recovery lists is the padsicle: a frozen maxi pad soaked in Witch Hazel (or sometimes aloe too) for maximum vaginal and perineal relief following childbirth. 

For years women have been making their own, following YouTube tutorials, pinning Pinterest recipes, and clearing an entire shelf in the freezer for a stash of ice pack maxi pads. The last thing we have time to do in the days leading up to D-Day and in the days after our baby arrives is a craft project for our burning vagina. There’s a better way now. An easier way. And it doesn’t require anything more than unwrapping and cracking a pad.

Our Instant Ice Maxi Pads are the best cold therapy for your vagina, no recipe or DIY required.  Close all those YouTube video tutorial tabs you have open. Unpin all those padsicles recipes. Cross “BIG BOTTLE OF WITCH HAZEL” off your pre-baby checklist. All you need are our Instant Ice Maxi Pads and Witch Hazel Perineal Cooling Pad Liners. They’re all the gain, none of the (DIY) pain. The ready-to-use maxi pads have a crack-and-cool ice pack built into the pad that delivers 20-minutes of cold therapy on your vagina, no freezer required. The pads are absorbent so you don’t have to worry about leaks. They won’t get soggy like the freezer version, and they have a super-soft top layer that won’t rub you the wrong way down there. 

For added relief, layer a witch hazel cooling liner right on top of the pad. These full-length liners provide the cooling, calming power of witch hazel everywhere you need it without layering a bunch of circular discs along your maternity maxi pad. Pro-tip: Bring the Instant Ice Maxi Pads and Witch Hazel Perineal Cooling Liners to the hospital with you to give yourself the deluxe treatment from the start.

When you’re preparing for your postpartum recovery, give yourself the gift of time and just say no to DIY padsicles. You and your vag deserve better. Use the time you saved to take close your eyes because there’s no recipe or tutorial for catching up on sleep.

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