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Relief for all the pain in the bump.

Finally, pregnancy support that delivers relief for aches & pains of the 9-month stretch & beyond.

Anti-Nausea Bands

for “Morning” Sickness

Hiding feeling sicky before telling the world you're pregnant is tough. We designed the Anti-Nausea Bands to be neutral and discreet, so you can keep your news under wraps while the wearable pressure point therapy keeps your stomach settled.

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Adjustable Keep-Cool Pregnancy Pillow

for Sleepless Nights

You notoriously lose snooze while pregnant because finding a comfy position can feel near impossible. The Adjustable Pregnancy Pillow twists & bends into the perfect supportive position so you can actually sleep before baby’s arrival.

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Prepare-to-Push Perineal Massage Wand

for Birth Prep

Get a handle on birth prep and reduce your risk of tearing on D[elivery]-day. Developed with an OB-GYN, our Perineal Massage Wand makes reaching around the bump easy and includes a mirror to guide your massage. Now get comfortable and ace your stretch rehearsal.

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