Effective Date: June 24, 2024


Washington law requires that we have a Consumer Health Data Privacy Policy under the My Health My Data Act. This is that policy, and describes Fridababy, LLC’s (“Frida”) collection and use practices for “consumer health data” collected from Washington residents. This policy applies only in the narrow circumstances where we are collecting and processing consumer health data as that term is defined under Washington law. For example, this includes personal information linked to you that identifies your physical or mental health status. In this policy we refer to this information as “CHD.”

This policy does not apply to our general privacy practices. To learn about how we treat personally identifiable information we collect that is not governed by the Washington My Health My Data Law, please visit our consumer privacy policy available on our website. This policy also does not apply to information we collect from employees or contractors. This policy is incorporated into our Terms of Use.

Categories of Consumer Health Data We Collect

The type of CHD we collect depends on your relationship with us. It also depends on how you interact with us. If you contact us about our products, you may provide us with certain CHD. This information could be about you or your child. For example, we may collect information about your health conditions, treatments, diseases or diagnosis. This could also include your health-related surgeries or procedures. If you use a prescribed medication, we may collect that information from you. We may collect information about bodily functions and vital signs or symptoms. We may also collect diagnoses or diagnostic testing results.

Purpose of Collection and Use of Consumer Health Data

We use CHD to investigate reports or complaints submitted about our products. We also use CHD as permitted by your consent. We use CHD to fulfill our legal obligations and as otherwise permitted by law.

Sources of Consumer Health Data

We collect CHD directly from you. For example, we collect CHD when you tell us about a medical reaction you may have had to one of our products. We also collect CHD if you otherwise submit it to us.  We may get CHD from third parties. For example, if you experience an adverse reaction, we may need to contact third parties involved in treating or responding to your condition. As permitted by law, these third parties may share certain CHD about you with us.

When We Share Consumer Health Data

We may share CHD for purposes permitted by law. This includes sharing with vendors that provide services to us for the purpose for which the CHD was collected. It also includes sharing CHD with regulators or government agencies as required by reporting obligations under law. This also includes sharing CHD to any successor to our business, such as part of a merger, acquisition or bankruptcy, etc. Under Washington law we are not required to obtain your consent for sharing in these circumstances.

Your Rights Under the Washington My Health My Data Law

Under Washington law you have certain rights. Those rights depend on our relationship. They are subject to certain limitations and are not absolute. This might include if a legal exception applies. If that is the case, we will not be able to process your request. You can an exercise your rights by emailing us at legal@frida.com. The rights include the following:

 • You have the right to confirm that we are collecting, selling or sharing CHD about you. As part of that request, you can ask for a list of third parties to whom CHD has been sold or shared (if any) and for their email addresses. The right to receive a list of third parties applies only if the CHD has been sold or shared for purposes other than those permitted by law.
• You can withdraw consent to collecting and sharing CHD (for sharing that is based upon consent).
• You have the right to ask us to delete your CHD.