SOS: What is the Best Baby Registry for You?

Which baby registry reigns supreme? You’ve got options, so we’ll help break it down.

Now, we don’t partake in the whole ‘mommy wars’ thing. We are 100% Team You Do You, Boo! There is no right or wrong way to do this whole motherhood experience, so we generally try to steer away from throwing gas on the flames. Bottle or breast? As long as they’re fed, mama. Co-sleeping vs. crib? Whatever helps YOU get the most sleep! Cloth or disposable? We’re talking about booty covers that catch poop, the choice is yours and honestly, neither are super pleasant.

But the one time we WILL throw our hat in the ring is when it comes to helping you pick the best baby registry. Because while all registries work more or less the same way, the perks you get from each registry really matter at the end of the day.

So who comes out on top in the battle of the baby registries? That's for you to decide.

What exactly should you be looking for in a baby registry?

The magic of a good registry is really in the details. There are a few things you want to pay attention to when deciding on where to do your baby registry. 

  1. 1. Universal Registry: First, you probably want a program that offers universal registering, meaning you can add items from any store, not just the one you’re registering with. 
  2. 2. Completion Discount: You want a registry that offers a good completion discount (usually between 10-15%), and some freebies wouldn’t hurt! 
  3. 3. Group Gifting: A group gifting option is important for those big ticket items, as is a reasonable shipping fee for gift-giving from out-of-town. 
  4. 4. Return Policy: Pay close attention to the return policy! You likely won’t start returning gifts until after your baby is born, so you want a registry that offers a generous return timeline.
  5. 5. Shipping: And finally, a lot of people shop a registry with either a gift in mind, or a budget to spend. If the shipping fee is too high, it could mean the difference between them buying what they wanted to get you, and getting the gift that fits in their budget with shipping included.

Head-to-head: which is the best baby registry?

Amazon Baby Registry

We love Amazon, yes? We also love their baby registry. They offer a universal registry, group gifting, and you get a welcome box of freebies when you create your registry. For Prime members, shipping is free (free over $49 for non-Prime members). You also get a bigger completion discount if you’re a Prime member - 15% vs. 10% if you don’t have Prime. The one downside is the return policy. It’s only 90 days after your due date, and since it’s online, you have to factor in the legwork of making the return.

  • Target Baby Registry

    Oh, Target. The Mothership! The benefit of registering at Target is that you can do the whole scanner gun thing in store (which is super fun, we’re not going to lie), and you can also add items to your registry online. BUT, given the current pandemic and stay at home orders, the easiest (and safest!) option is to stick to an online registry. Everyone loves Target, and has a Target near them, so it’s convenient. Target offers a universal registry, group gifting, and a welcome box, and their completion discount is 15% (no membership required). Plus, the return policy is one year from due date, which gives you a lot more wiggle room. It’s not like you won’t go to Target approximately 152,637 times in the first few months after your baby is born, but options are good!

  • BuyBuyBaby Registry

    Their baby registry is legit, too, so keep this one in mind! No universal registry, but they have liiiiiiiterally everything you could possibly need. They do have a welcome box, but they don’t have a group gifting option for registries. Free shipping over $29, and a liberal return policy (one year after purchase) are also pluses. But the biggest plus of this registry is the completion discount - 15% and an additional 20% off coupon you can use at any time, which is the most generous completion discount offered in the baby registry battle. Did we mention that you can also take advantage of their regular coupon offers and get 20% off a lot of what you’ll put on your registry? Because you can, and you should.

  • Babylist Baby Registry

    This registry wins the game in the universal registry department - you can register for any item from any store, no exceptions or exclusions. A sweet welcome box and group gifting also make this a winning registry. Only 10% for closing out your registry, and the return policy is 90 days from the date of purchase. But, Babylist is working to make things easier for expectant parents during the pandemic by making the completion discount available immediately instead of 60 days before your due date. We love that they recognize things are stressful enough and are doing what they can to make them a bit easier!  

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