How a Baby Registry Really Works

Figuring Out How a Baby Registry Works Doesn’t Have to Feel Like the DaVinci Code

We’re going to level with you: there is A LOT about prepping for a baby that is going to leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused, and probably more than a little stressed out. Your baby registry is just one component of getting ready for parenthood, but it’s a big one. It can also feel pretty daunting! Babies need quite a bit of stuff, and if you’re a first-time parent, there’s a good chance you don’t know where to start. Don’t stress over it - we’re going to explain how a baby registry works, and we’re going to give some insider info on how to game the system for your benefit.

So how does a baby registry work, really, and WTH are you supposed to put on it?!

In theory, your baby registry is designed to make shopping and getting ready for baby as easy as possible. TDLR: you’ll curate a list of what you need/want for you and baby, and you’ll share that list with friends, coworkers, family, and whoever else wants to buy you a gift. People can access your registry, click a few buttons, and viola! Present's in the mail and one more thing checked off your list. Purchases are tracked on your registry, so you don’t get doubles of stuff and you’ll know exactly what you need to buy as you get closer to your due date. 

How to game the system and make your registry work for you.

In a perfect world, people would ONLY buy you gifts that you have on your baby registry. We'll be real with you, that happens around 50% of them time. For that reason, your registry should only include things you absolutely need, so you can make sure you are gifted them (at your virtual or in-person shower). A good rule of thumb is to focus on registering for baby products you’re going to use in the first 6 months. 

Here's the truth: Your registry is basically YOUR shopping checklist.

Yes, other people will purchase some (your bank account is praying for all) of the items on it. But you’re making that registry for you, because after your baby shower, you are going to check that list and buy whatever is left yourself - using your sweet completion discount. What's a completion discount you might ask? Target baby registry, Amazon baby registry, BuyBuyBaby bay registry, Babylist registry - all of them offer a discount when you purchase the rest of the items on your registry!

Best part? You can go in ADD the other cutesy stuff you want to your registry BEFORE buying it all with your completion discount! Work smarter, not harder, mama. 

How to choose the right baby registry for you.

You have so many options - Target, Amazon, BuyBuyBaby, Babylist, the list goes on. So the first thing you should consider is which program is most convenient for you. Given the current situation, we’re a little partial to on-line registries, which makes out-of-town gifting a lot easier, too.

You also want to consider who offers group gifting for the big stuff, who offers a universal registry (meaning you can add items to your registry from various retailers), and if you have people from out of town, you want to consider the cost of shipping gifts. Also, pay attention to the return policies - they can vary wildly, from 90 days to one full year after purchase.

But most importantly (because you’re working smarter not harder, remember?): know your completion discount. All things being equal in other areas, the difference between a 10% and 15% completion discount matters when you're buying the leftovers from your registry before the baby arrives.

S'not to worry, we've got the inside scoop on how each Baby Registry fares in the battle of the registries. We've compiled all our findings into one blog post that you'll wanna share with all your preggo friends. You can check it out HERE