The Magical Benefits of Witch Hazel

By Frida Mom 

The Natural, Healing Remedy for Your Postpartum Recovery Routine

Remember being a kid and sitting on your grandma’s bed, watching her primp and preen through her skin care routine? Chances are, one of the potions she applied to her youthful face was good ole’ witch hazel. Fast forward to now, because this natural remedy will be a godsend for all your tearing, swelling, and postnatal vag needs in pad, tablet and foam form. 

Witch Hazel has been around for thousands of years as an astringent used for everything from skin care to dandruff shampoo. But it wasn’t until we pushed a baby out of our vagina that we fully appreciated it as the magical potion it is. Whether you’ve got a raging case of hemorrhoids or more stitches than a quilt, Witch Hazel can help. 

What is Witch Hazel, exactly?

Technically speaking, Witch Hazel is a plant, and it contains all kinds of good natural healers, like antioxidants and biomolecules (#nerdalert) called tannins, which provide all kinds of relief for all kinds of afflictions. 

But the real magic happens when you use Witch Hazel as part of your postpartum care routine for things like swelling, pain, bleeding, itching and tearing. Hemorrhoids during and post pregnancy? Itchy stitches or a torn-up perineum? Put some Witch Hazel on it.

Ways to use the good witch. 

Luckily for you and your vag-to-tush sitch, we have all your Witch Hazel needs covered. Meet our three good witches:

  •  Witch Hazel Perineal Cooling Pad Liners. Forget trying to layer those circular hemorrhoid pads — this is 2020, we can do better. Our Cooling Pad Liners are full-coverage liners made with medicated Witch Hazel. They help soothe your sore and swollen vagina and perineum without any shifting, bunching or falling out. For added relief, we recommend layering on top of an Instant Ice Maxi Pad, to get the full effect.
  • • Witch Hazel Perineal Healing Foam. Cooling relief from pain and swelling that sits on the pad, and doesn’t get absorbed like other sprays? That’s our kind of foam party. Pro tip: Keep the bottle in the fridge for an extra cool blast when things get real hot down there. 

If you want to a bonus dose of Witch Hazel, add a few drops to the Upside Down Peri Bottle for extra relief. Witch Hazel may not be brewed by witches, but it may as well be! Nothing else comes close to helping you heal and offering relief during that ever-so-lovely postpartum recovery phase. 

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