Live your breast life

From taking on stubborn ducts to nursing comfort, we’ve got everything you need to get through all those pain-in-the-boob moments.

Position with Adjustable Nursing Pillow

Getting the right latch isn’t just good for baby, it’s better for your boobs, too. The Adjustable Nursing Pillow’s unique stackable layering system allows you to find the right height for your - and your growing baby’s - size, giving you next-level comfort while breastfeeding.

Massage with 2-in-1 Lactation Massager

Skip the electric toothbrushes and hot shower hand massages - the 2-in-1 Lactation Massager gets clogged ducts going so the milk can get flowing. Different sides + ends help you target and empty breasts completely.

Heat with Instant Heat Breast Warmers

Help speed up the let-down with these reusable warmers that heat with a click. Each set comes with two sizes - use them together for whole-boob warm-ups, or solo to target painful areas. Wear them before or after nursing, and even while pumping to get the flowing going.

Treat + Soothe with Breast Masks

Give nursing boobs a well-deserved spa sesh with soothing Breast Sheet Masks. Choose from three treatments to take on three struggles.

For Hydration helps nourish + soothe worn-out boobs with aloe vera, cucumber, honey + tea tree oil.

For Lactation supports milk production during a dry spell with fenugreek + fennel.

For Engorgement helps slow the flow when weaning or overproducing with cabbage, jasmine + sage.

Breast Care Self Care Kit

Stocked with the nursing essentials to make stubborn clogged ducts + milk let-down lags a thing of the past.