Postpartum Recovery’s MVP: The Sitz Bath

By Frida Mom

Postpartum Recovery’s MVP: The Sitz Bath

What’s A Sitz Bath Anyway?

With intense swelling, irritation and (potentially) some tearing, moms need to show their overworked, tender vag some soothing care. Here’s where a little miracle called the sitz bath comes into play. The word “sitz” comes from the German word  “sitzen,” meaning “to sit.” Pretty self-explanatory stuff.  

In a sitz bath, you’re submerging just your perineum (the space between the vulva, vag + tush) in warm water to soothe and heal. The positioning of your body coupled - with the additional aid of what’s put into the bath (think healing Epsom salt), the bath water’s warm temperature, and the length of time you allow your parts to soak - makes a sitz bath different than the bath you give your little one during “tubby time.”  Not only does a sitz bath help with postpartum recovery, it has additional benefits beyond that tub time, and we aren’t just talking about the time you get to hide from everyone.

Abracadabra: The Healing Benefits of a Sitz Bath

Of course, a bath is always a good idea - they can be indulgent and relaxing. However, a sitz bath has benefits that far exceed a normal bubble bath with some champagne (Ahhh, remember those days…).


As part of a postpartum routine, a sitz bath is important for:

  • Keeping the area around the perineum (the space between the vagina and anus) clean.
  • Increasing blood flow down there, everywhere.
  • Providing relief from itchiness and irritation that can be a side effect of stitches.
  • Soothing and relaxes the pain from stretching during labor as well as the episiotomy. 
  • Calming and/or keeping away “unwanted visitors” - think hemorrhoids.

While a stiz bath won’t cure everything, it will aid in the postpartum recovery process. Taken daily, a sitz bath can help a new mom recover faster and feel more relief sooner. Now let that soak in.  

Sitz Bath, Relax and Enjoy the S%*t Show

Sitz baths can be taken in a tub or with a special basin made to fit in your toilet. You’ll need warm water and our zero-prep, no-mess Sitz Bath Tablets- filled with all those healing herbs to give your bottom the vag of its dreams.

How do you Sitz?

  • Start with a clean, sanitized tub or basin kit.
  • Fill a tub or basin with two to three inches of warm water.
  • Get low and submerge the lower half of your body for about 15 mins-20 mins.
  • For extra relief and comfort toss in a Sitz Bath Tablet.
  • When finished, gently pat the area completely dry with a soft towel

There’s only one thing a sitz bath can’t help with and that’s getting your new baby to sleep longer. But, even that won’t seem so challenging if you’re ahead of  the recovery game with this post-partum tip!